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Now you can change your scents several times a day! We add one tray liner to every order for free, but now you can buy them too.  You will receive 5 liners for a dollar.


Reusable and leakproof: the wax tray liner is designed with a protective coating, so there is no leaking on your wax burner or melter. It will be much easier for you to change the scented wax and wax melts, and it fits most wax melt warmers well.


Note: "Hot throw" is what we call the fragrance strength that happens when you melt or burn. With melting, the wattage of your burner kind of dictates the hot throw. Liners can cause a slight heat difference because they add an additional layer. Most people don't mind, but I always like to give as much information as possible.

Wax Warmer Liner

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