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Experience the sweet and savory aroma of our Robin's Famous PB&J wax melt! This custom blend from Mountain Mama features a delicious and nostalgic scent that will take you back to your childhood. Enjoy a sweet and creamy blend of peanut butter and grape jam, perfectly balanced for a sweet and savory aroma. The fruity notes of grape are balanced by the smooth and nutty scent of peanut butter, creating a comforting and familiar aroma you'll love.

"Rotten PB&J" sandwich melt

  • Snap Bars weigh approx. 1.8 oz–2.2 oz, depending on oil density. We do try to overfill all of our molds to give you the maximum amount possible. Clamshells weigh approx. 2.75–3 oz.

    Our fragrance oils come from reputable US-based vendors and are Phthalate-Free. Our wax melts are best used two weeks following the pour date, although the longer the cure, the greater the aroma.

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