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This "Lime Explosion" wax melt is a custom blend from MMWW, crafted with a perfect combination of Keylime Pie and Sparkling Limeade scents. The tart, sweet aroma of the Keylime Pie is complemented by the refreshing and zesty notes of the Sparkling Limeade, creating an invigorating, citrus-infused scent. Whether used in a wax warmer or simply as a room fragrance, this melt is sure to enliven your home with its cheerful and energizing aroma. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and zesty with MMWW's Lime Explosion wax melt

"Lime Explosion" clamshell

$4.50 Regular Price
$3.75Sale Price
  • Pour Date: 6/1/23

    Weight: Approx. 3 oz wax weight. Depending on oil density weight.

    Glitter: No

    Dye: Yes

    Sugar Confetti: Yes

    Best used two weeks after pour date.

    Phthalate Free: Yes

    Mica Powder Free: Yes

    Wax Type: Para-Soy

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