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Our Grapefruit N' Pie wax melt is the perfect way to get your day started off right. This MMWW Signature Blend captures a citrus blend of oranges and grapefruits, with a hint of fresh mint, floral, bitter lime, green lemon zests with a scoop of vanilla cream. To top it off, this delightful scent is enhanced with notes of Neroli, Rose Leaves, Coconut Milk, Sweet Butter, Sandalwood, Apple Tree, and White Musk. Enjoy the sweet and tart aroma of this delicious wax melt and start your day off with a smile.

"Grapefruit N' Pie" shapes

  • Pour Date: 6/6/23

    Weight: Approx. 1.76 oz wax weight. Depending on oil density weight.

    Glitter: Yes

    Dye: Yes

    Sugar Confetti: No

    Best used two weeks after pour date.

    Phthalate Free: Yes

    Mica Powder Free: Yes

    Wax Type: Para-Soy

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