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Dragon Cuddles is a perfect blend of sweet and musky, with top notes of fresh citrus and a hint of rose in the middle. The bottom notes of musky cotton and Dragon's Blood provide a comforting and calming scent. This MMWW Signature Blend is a mix of Dragon's Blood and Fabric Softner, perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room.

"Dragon Cuddles" clamshell

$4.50 Regular Price
$3.75Sale Price
  • Pour Date: Will be listed on package label.

    Weight: Approx. 3 oz wax weight. Depending on oil density weight.

    Glitter: Yes

    Dye: Yes

    Sugar Confetti: No

    Best used two weeks after pour date.

    Phthalate Free: Yes

    Mica Powder Free: Yes

    Wax Type: Para-Soy

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