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Our Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie wax melt is a decadent blend of sweet, buttery cookie dough and ripe blackberries. The fragrance is further enhanced by the sweet and tangy aroma of ripe blackberries, combined with a hint of warm cinnamon spice, which adds depth and complexity to the scent. The result is a deliciously sweet and comforting fragrance, reminiscent of a cozy afternoon spent baking in the kitchen.

With its irresistible and comforting scent, Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie wax melt is perfect for filling any room with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

"Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie" snap bar

  • Pour Date: 7/14/2023


    Snap Bars weigh approx. 1.8 oz–2.2 oz, depending on oil density. We do try to overfill all of our molds to give you the maximum amount possible. Clamshells weigh approx. 2.75–3 oz.

    Our fragrance oils come from reputable US-based vendors and are Phthalate-Free. Our wax melts are best used two weeks following the pour date, although the longer the cure, the greater the aroma. Wax Type: Soy Blend. Mica powder-free. Max scented.

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