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Black Amber and Plum wraps evergreens, spice, and a hint of fruit into a festive and inviting fragrance oil. 

Top notes of cypress and fir give a hint of the outdoors, while dark plum adds a touch of sweet nectar. Saffron and cinnamon enhance the spiced plum note, while warm benzoin and wood combine with smoky incense in the base.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including orange and clove.

Andrea's note:  During testing, I used one snap bar square in each of my two warmers.    I found this adequate for my nearly 3,000 square foot space.  This melt gives a pleasant spiced scent but not in a Christmas spice way.  I'm a bakery gal but this one I truly enjoy.

Black Amber and Plum Snap Bar

$3.50 Regular Price
$2.25Sale Price
  • Ingredients may include: 
    Plant-based/ biodegradable glitter, FDA approved mineral mica powder, phthalate free scent, candle dye, and soy wax.

    Snap bar weight: 1.75 oz
    Hand-poured in West Virginia

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