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Wholesale ordering!

We now offer wholesale ordering! Choose single blends for 4/$9.32 or custom blends 4/$10.

Wholesale must be purchased separately from retail. Our wholesale melts are low-cost and simple. No dye, glitter, or individual packaging.

With custom blends, you can mix up to four of your favorites and create your own unique fragrance. Each fragrance oil will be added equally; no custom measurements.

Each 4-pack comes in a fragrance-safe bag; there will be no individual bags or labels. Wholesale bars are plain with no coloring or decor, packaged in bundles of four in a plain bag with minimal labeling. Wholesale orders are custom made per order, so allow up to two weeks for order completion.

Parasoy wax. Phthalate Free Fragrance Oil. MAX scent used. Each 4-pack weighs between 8-9 ounces.



No refunds or exchanges. This is NOT a tax free item. Coupons are NOT allowed to be used on wholesale orders.

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