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March's Melting Challenge

Updated: Feb 19

Melting Challenges are a new thing for MMWW. Actually, we've only hosted two. Heading into our 3rd month we've perfected our rules a little more. Please read through the new rules before participating. I "think" these will be the permanent rules moving forward, unless something changes that requires a change of rules.

March's Melting Challenge:

For your chance to win, you must melt or burn something for a minimum of 15 days. 10 of those must be MMWW melts.

I will post the daily melting challenge at 6 a.m. EST every day and will not count any submissions after midnight of the same day. I will no longer turn off the post because it's a hassle. Photos with obscure labeling or posted after hours will not be counted.

Post under the daily challenge post with a picture of your melt and packaging. Feel free to melt any MMWW if you don't have something that matches the daily challenge. No hashtags or individual posts are needed.

At the end of the month, everyone who followed the rules and melted over 15 days will be entered to win a grand prize. I will also give a prize to the top contributor. If there are multiple top contributors, then those people will go into a drawing. Everyone that melted over 15 days but did not win a prize will receive 5 loyalty club points. The winner will be announced within the first week of the following month. 


Melt Something...

  1. Peanut Butter or Brown for PB lover's day.

  2. Wacky for Dr. Seuss Day.

  3. Exotic for World Wildlife Day.

  4. You can't spell for National Grammar Day.

  5. Birthday

  6. Cookie for National Oreo Day

  7. Cereal

  8. Shape

  9. Glittery

  10. Lemon

  11. Apple

  12. Green for National Girls Scout Day

  13. Perfume or Cologne

  14. Pie for PI Day

  15. March inspired for Ides of March Day.

  16. Something fancy you're saving.

  17. Green, Irish, Coffee for St. Patrick's Day.

  18. Free day to melt.

  19. Something with a silly name.

  20. Earth and herbal for Earth Day.

  21. Something you'd find at a tea party.

  22. Coffee or Brown.

  23. Guilty Pleasure for National Potatoe Chip Day.

  24. Summer Carnival inspired.

  25. Breakfast Food for National Waffle Day.

  26. Free Melt Day.

  27. Halloween

  28. Thanksgiving

  29. Christmas

  30. Valentine's Day

  31. Free Melt Day

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