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June's Melting Challenge

For your chance to win, you must melt or burn something for a minimum of 15 days. 10 of those must be MMWW melts.


I will post the daily melting challenge at 6 a.m. EST every day and will not count any submissions after midnight of the same day. Photos with obscure labeling or posted after hours will not be counted.


Post under the daily challenge post with a picture of your melt and packaging. Feel free to melt any MMWW if you don't have something that matches the daily challenge. No hashtags or individual posts are needed.


At the end of the month, everyone who followed the rules and melted over 15 days will be entered to win a grand prize. I will also give a prize to the top contributor. If there are multiple top contributors, then those people will go into a drawing. Everyone that melted over 15 days but did not win a prize will receive 5 loyalty club points. The winner will be announced within the first week of the following month. 

June's Melting Challenge...

1-Postal Worker Day (US): Melt something that was shipped to you.

2-International Cherry Pit Spitting Day: Melt something Cherry, Berry, or Red.

3-Compliment Your Mirror Day: Melt something that makes you happy.

4-Free melt day!

5-Bikini Day: Melt something beach or blue.

6-Fried Chicken Day: Melt something fried, meat, or dough.

7-Tell the Truth Day: Free melt day! Tell two truths and a lie.

8-Coca Cola Day: Melt a soda, drink, or citrus.

9-International Skinny Dip Day: Melt the craziest scent you own!

10-Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day: Melt a Teddy Bear!

11-Make Your Own Sundae Day: Melt an Ice-cream flavor or topping.

12-Pecan Pie Day: Melt a nutty fragrance!

13-Embrace Your Geekness Day: Melt something that makes you squeal with excitement.

14-Shark Awareness Day: Melt a shape!

15-Robin Hood Day: Melt something you'd steal.

16-Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day: Melt something you could have and should have melted earlier.

17-Disneyland Day: Melt something with glitter!

18-Sour Candy Day: Melt a candy!

19-Words With Friends Day: Melt something with a long name.

20- Space Exploration Day: Melt something that you normally wouldn't.

21-Get to Know Your Customers Day: Melt something MMWW that you couldn't live without.

22-Pajama Day: Melt something relaxing or comforting.

23-Gorgeous Grandma Day: Melt something your grandma would love.

24-Tell an Old Joke Day: Tell us a joke and melt what you like.

25-International Red Shoes Day: Melt something red or sparkling.

26-Bagelfest Day: Melt a bakery.

27-Barbie-in-a-Blender Day: Melt something retro.

28-Milk Chocolate Day: Melt a chocolate, cookie, or bakery.

29-Rain Day: Melt an earth or herbal fragrance.

30-Cheesecake Day: Melt cheesecake, cake, or something white.

31-Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day: Melt something loud (strong smelling) and tell us if you play an instrument. I play the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer.

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