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General updates:

📬So far, shipping prices for me have been stable. We saw an increase in the fall, but shipping prices are stable right now. *Reminder: I ship Mon-Fri, and if my personal life allows, I ship on Saturday. I normally ship the day of or after you place your order. 

🌟MICA powder. I'm not discontinuing its use, but I'm no longer using it as a wax colorant. I'll still use it occasionally to paint designs, but for the main colorant, I use candle dye now. It's such a fine powder and an absolute mess to use. I had hoped to cut it down in 2023, so over the past few months I've tested whether or not I could create without it. Testing was a success, which leads into...

I like to include as much ingredient information as I possibly can for my wax melts. While listing ingredients is legally required for candles and bath products, wax melts aren't regulated. I still do it though, because what's the point of me holding onto the information? So what you'll continue to see is the pour date (only listed online). And what else has been used. This is where you'll see if mica powder has been used. 

"Pour Date: 1/6/2022

Best used 2 weeks after the pour date.

Biodegradable glitter and candle dye were used in the making of this bar.

Mica Powder Free; Phthalate Free.

Snap bar weight: approximately 1.7–2 oz., depending on oil weight. "

I will be vendor of the week beginning tomorrow for the Facebook group "The Aromatic Collective".

Mango-melon Cotton Candy

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