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1/16: Weather Update

Shipping is currently on hold due to weather-related concerns.  Our shop is located on a private road that leads down and back up a hill. I understand, this seems like a "I walked 12 miles one way, uphill" narrative. Ha!  But in reality, we are at a halt. All of our delivery services (mail, garbage, UPS, etc.) are currently on hold. Many local businesses are also closed.

Essentially, we're stuck here, with no one getting in or out. Do not worry about us! We have power, warmth, and an abundance of food and water.  Just no mail or a way to get mail toother areas. We hoped this would be a one-day delay, but I'm not sure when our services will resume. I'm confident it'll be within a week.

I'm sorry for the hold, especially given we just had a no-mail day on Monday due to the holiday. All orders in limbo are eligible for refunds. For those who don't mind holding, I'll offer a complimentary present in your order to compensate for the inconvenience.   I hope everybody is safe and sound!  Thank you for being such terrific customers! -Andrea

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