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Dupe Scent List

A dupe fragrance is a cost-effective alternative to a luxury fragrance. The term "dupe" is short for "duplicate," meaning that it is a copy of the original scent. Dupe fragrances are created to have a similar scent profile to the luxury fragrance, but at a more affordable price point. This allows consumers to enjoy a similar fragrance experience without breaking the bank.

A Thousand Wishes
Type Compare to BBW® 

Indulge in the luxurious aroma of our white wine with floral jasmine notes, perfectly balanced with a warm amber and sandalwood base. The top notes of sparkling florals will awaken your senses, while the middle notes of vanilla and amber will soothe your soul. Finally, the bottom notes of sandalwood will leave you feeling grounded and relaxed.

Aruba Coconut
Type Compare to BBW®

Escape to a tropical paradise with our new fragrance that combines the refreshing scents of citrus and vanilla with the sweet and rich aroma of coconut. The floral notes add a burst of freshness to transport you to the islands. The bottom notes of vanilla and sandalwood create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Baja Cactus Blossom Compare to BBW®

Introducing our new line of fragrances featuring Green Citrus, Coconut Floral, Musk, and Sandalwood scents. Experience the perfect blend of freshness, sweetness, and warmth in every spray. Try them all and find your signature scent today.

Banana Nut Bread Pudding Type Compared to BBW®

A classic bread pudding dessert with a twist, sweet creamy bananas are the main notes found in this scent but the added hints of nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon bring it all the way home.

Bergamot Waters
Type Compare to White Barn®

Fresh and crisp tones from the bergamot combined with the refreshing citrus scent, intertwined with the earthy sandalwood notes and sugarcane is a very well-balanced and clean fragrance.

Blue Raspberry Candy

Our Blue Raspberry wax melt will bring the nostalgic aroma of blue raspberry candy into your home. Enjoy the sweet and tangy scent as it fills the room with memories of childhood treats. With notes of sugary blue raspberries, juicy peach and tangy citrus, this wax melt is sure to bring a smile to your face. Escape into a world of childhood nostalgia with our Blue Raspberry wax melt.

Bombshell Type Compare to Victoria's Secret®

Bright citrus fragrance unfolds into a luscious fruity splash of crisp apples and red berries. A floral bouquet of wood rose, lily of the valley and jasmine lend heart as sweet amber, woods and white musk add longevity. Inspired by Victoria's Secret® fragrance.

Bourbon Butterscotch Type Compare to BBW®

Rich, creamy butterscotch intertwines with the oak barrel aged notes of bourbon whiskey and fragrant, sweet vanilla to unite and enhance this fragrant accord.

Brown Sugar and Fig Type Compare to BBW®

Brown Sugar & Fig - A Bath and Body Works type fragrance. Caramelized brown sugar paired with ripened figs, smooth coconut, and a touch of amber. Enticing, cozy, and warm!

Captain Crunch Berries

Captain Crunch  will take you back to childhood mornings with its yummy scent. This blend of strawberry, grape, buttercream, and fresh bakery notes is complemented by wild berries and powdery raspberry. The background notes of vanilla sugar, plum, tonka bean, and warm maple give this scent a complex aroma that will fill your home with a comforting feeling. Seriously, it smells just like the cereal! Get ready to reminisce and enjoy this delicious scent.

Cashmere Glow
Type Compare to BBW®

Indulge in the luxurious scent of Cashmere Glow with our snap bar. This wax melt features a soothing blend of vanilla and musk, with subtle hints of orange and jasmine. The top notes of lemony and orange provide a refreshing burst of citrus, while the middle notes of peony and jasmine add a floral touch. Finally, the bottom notes of musk and vanilla bring warmth and comfort to your space. Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation experience with Cashmere Glow.

Chestnut and Birch
Type Compare to BBW®

The fireside tonalities of roasted chestnut and hints of caramel intertwine with the soft watery nuances of a damp forest floor after a gentle rain. An excellent tonal complexity of damp wood tones and soft supple leather notes blend together with the aroma of birch wood to unite, enhance and complete this fragrant accord.

Coconut Lime Verbena
Type Compare to BBW®

A tantalizing fusion of fresh coconut, lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla.

Cranberry Apple Marmalade Type Compare to PEAK

Tangy cranberry and juicy red apple sprinkled with just the right amount of sugared cinnamon spice.

Crisp Morning Air
Type Compare to BBW®

Refreshing, clean air notes with tonalities of eucalyptus intertwine with cool mint nuances. Succulent pear and aromatic sage blend together to enhance and complete this fragrant accord.

Cucumber Melon Type Compare to BBW®

Cucumber Melon is a delightful and refreshing aroma that captures the essence of summer. The fragrance is a blend of fresh, crisp cucumber and juicy, sweet melon, creating a perfectly balanced scent that is both soothing and invigorating.

Downy - April Fresh

This is a clean floral scent with notes of juicy citruses intermingled with florals of rose, jasmine and violet in the heart of this fragrance.

Farmstand Apple - Type Compare to BBW®

Fresh picked apples from an orchard.

Fierce Type Compare to ABERCROMBIE®

Fierce exudes an aura of confidence and masculinity, captivating the senses with its powerful and seductive composition. At the top of the fragrance, you'll be greeted with a burst of fresh citrus notes, invigorating and energizing the atmosphere. As the scent develops, the warm and aromatic blend of spices, such as cardamom and black pepper, emerges, adding depth and intrigue to the fragrance. A touch of lavender and violet leaf provides a subtle floral nuance, while the base notes of amber and oakmoss create a sensual and captivating foundation.

Flannel Type Compare to BBW®

Warm and fresh blend of Bergamot, Mahogany and a delicate base of musk.

Fresh Cut Grass Type Compare to Yankee®

Fresh cut grass is the quintessential scent of summer. Our fragrance captures the essence of this beloved aroma with fresh greens as the top note, grass as the middle note, and violet as the bottom note. Experience the joy of summer all year round with our refreshing scent.

Fruit Loops

Indulge in a nostalgic treat with our Fruit Loops snap bar. The scent of this wax melt will transport you back to the days of Saturday morning cartoons and sugary cereal. With top notes of lemon, middle notes of berry fruit, and a bottom note of citrus, the fragrance is perfectly balanced. You'll be amazed at how closely it smells like a freshly opened box of Fruit Loops. Simply snap off a piece of the bar and enjoy the sweet aroma filling your home.

Fruity Pebbles

It's satisfyingly sweet with a mix of citrusy caramel, flowery hints, and a cotton candy and vanilla base to linger. It's a fruity delight that will remind you of your childhood mornings and have you reaching for more.


Experience the invigorating scent of Gain, inspired by the refreshing and uplifting aroma of freshly laundered clothes. This fragrance captures the essence of cleanliness and pure satisfaction, enveloping your space in a comforting ambiance that evokes the joy of a pristine home.

Grape Blow Pop

A classic grape candy scent with a hint of vanilla.

Hey Honey Type Compare to BBW®

Sweet fragrance with a combination of honey and nectar.

Iced Cinnamon Rolls Type Compare to PEAK

Indulge in the sweet and spicy aroma of our Iced Cinnamon Rolls snap bar. This wax melt is comparable to PEAK and features a delicious blend of cinnamon and clove on top of a crispy pastry. The creamy vanilla icing adds a touch of sweetness to this fragrant treat. With top notes of cinnamon, middle notes of sweet cream, and bottom notes of maple sugar, this snap bar is perfect for anyone who loves the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Enjoy the cozy, comforting scent of our Iced Cinnamon Rolls snap bar all year round.

Leaves Type Compare to BBW®

This colorful contrast palet entwines the old with the new. Sweet leaf greens, fresh pines, dewy spiced florals, and earthen musk.

Love Spell Type Compare to Victoria's Secret®

A flirty, floral fragrance. A vibrant, lush cherry blossom and juicy peach.

Mahogany Teakwood Type Compare to White Barn®

The fine wood fragrances of mahogany and teakwood intertwine with hints of clean lavender and the rosy nuances of geranium. Resinous cedarwood and oak wood tonalities blend together to enhance and complete this fragrant accord.

Moonlight Path Type Compare to BBW® -

Bergamot and sweet violet unfold into a soft amber accented with ylang ylang and carnation.Sweet vanilla, white woods and musk offer a powdery finish.

My Dear Watson Type Compare to Scentsy®

A fragrance filled with mystery and intrigue! Top notes of brightening bergamot open this handsome and enigmatic affair, as woody notes add supporting depth to the blend as a whole. Base notes of musk and rich leather complete this unique, aromatic masterpiece, creating quite the dignified and thought-provoking scent!

Pink Sugar Type Compare to Aquolina®

Sweet jasmine with vanilla, candy and a hint of musk.

Pumpkin Milkshake Type Compare to BBW®

Indulge in the deliciously creamy scent of our Pumpkin Milkshake Snap Bar, perfect for autumnal evenings in. This fragrance features top notes of vanilla, followed by a middle note of sweet cream and a base note of pumpkin spice. Fans of the Bath & Body Works® Pumpkin Pecan Waffles scent will love this fragrance. Simply snap off a cube and let the pumpkin milkshake aroma fill your home.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Type Compare to BBW®

Indulge in the rich and warm aroma of our Pecan Buttery Vanilla fragrance, with a hint of cream that will leave you feeling cozy and comforted. The middle note of pecan adds a nutty depth to the scent, while the bottom note of maple brings a touch of sweetness. Perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any space.

Rio Rumberry Type Compare to BBW®

Enjoy this very refreshing blend of fresh citrus and coconut with tart lemon. The heart is wonderfully fruity and floral with the base of coconut, sandalwood and vanilla enhancing this fragrant accord.

Snuggle® TYPE

Fresh and clean just like the classic fabric softener.

Strawberries and Champagne Type Compare to Victoria's Secret®

Fresh strawberries and fizzy champagne rounded out with soothing musk and sandalwood.

Strawberry Patch Type Compare to PEAK

Delightful blend of strawberries, Fresh Florals and Leafy Greens.

Summer Linen Type Compare to Little Trees®

Fresh soft cotton tones and succulent white peach notes intertwine with clean lavender and creamy coconut scents. These blend together to unite this fragrant accord.

Sweater Weather Type Compare to BBW®

A burst of fresh air tingles with mint as it opens this festive blend, Snow covered pine needles are sweetened with winter berries and laced with wood notes that lead to the velvet mossy undertone. Lingering sweetness of vanilla musk finishes the scent.

Thunder Storm Type Compare to Scentsy®

Refreshing citruses, tart lime notes, crisp bergamot and fresh-cut green scents intertwine with the fresh scent of lily of the valley blooms in the rain, beautiful rose tones, sweet jasmine and clean lavender notes. Fresh clean air nuances of ozone, and the clearing freshness of sky washed air blends together to unite, enhance and complete this fragrant accord.

Tuscan Nights Type Compare to PEAK

Indulge in the luxurious fragrance of Tuscan Nights with our snap bar. This wax melt is a perfect blend of sandalwood and amber that creates a smooth yet crisp scent. Its top notes include fresh green vine, citrus, and rosemary, while its middle notes consist of ripened melon and an ozonic base. The base notes are a combination of wood, patchouli, and lavender. This scent is comparable to PEAK and is sure to transport you to the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Twilight Woods Type Compare to BBW®

Blend of woodsy scents with lavender, vanilla and musk.

Vanilla Bean Noel Type Compare to BBW®

Sweet vanilla with a hint of musk and buttercream.

Vermont Honey Apple Type Compare to PEAK

Vermont Honey Apple BBW Type - Hints of citrus add sparkle to this lush apple scent. The fruity signature is laced with green notes and warm wood tones and finished with sugared vanilla and musk.

Vineyard - Yankee Type

Refreshing plump grape notes intertwine with the richly fragrant and energizing red fruit scents. The forest-like tonalities of thriving mosses on a dewy forest floor blend together to unite, enhance and complete this fragrant accord.

Watermelon Lemonade Type Compare to BBW®

Fresh lemonade with zesty watermelon

White Tea and Ginger Type Compare to BBW®

Light Citrus with hints of peonies, lavender and geraniums on a base of musk, ginger and sandalwood.

Wild Sage and Aloe Type Compare to BBW®

Light notes of crisp aloe water, sweet agave nectar, and alluring desert sage complement each other in this carefree, relaxing fragrance.

Winter Candy Apple Type Compare to BBW®

Get into the holiday spirit with our Winter Candy Apple fragrance, a cheerful blend of ruby red apple, winter rose petals, and candied orange, drizzled with crisp maple and cinnamon.

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