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Amber and Sandalwood

warm spice as the top note, amber as the middle note, and sandalwood as the bottom note. This scent is perfect for those who love a warm and cozy aroma that lingers throughout the day. Try it out and experience the magic of this unique blend.

Cocoa Butter and Cashmere

A loving fragrance that comforts and perfectly blends warm, wood and sweet notes. Light spices and cedar wood intertwined with rich vanilla tonka, warm coconut and jasmine petals over olive wood, sandalwood, amber, musk and cocoa butter completes its essence.

Dragons Blood

will awaken your senses and leave you feeling refreshed all day long. With top notes of citrus, middle notes of fruity goodness, and a musky base, this scent is perfect for any occasion. Try it out and experience the magic for yourself.

Additional earth/herbal scents.  Descriptions found on alternate scent lists. 

Baby Powder

Bergamot Waters Type Compare to White Barn®

Coffee Bean And Cacao

Crisp Morning Air - Type Compare to BBW®

Kentucky Bourbon
My Dear Watson Type Compare to Scentsy®

Orange Ginger Fizz

Sea Salt and Orchid

Thunder Storm Type Compare to Scentsy®

Tuscan Nights Type Compare to PEAK

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