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A lil' more about

Mountain Mama

Andrea Kaups is the owner and creator of Mountain Mama Wax Works. MMWW, as it is often referred to, started unexpectedly in 2021. As a longtime wax lover and independent artist, it is normal for Andrea to make Christmas presents for her dad. And thats exactly how MMWW started! In her kitchen, making Christmas presents for her dad.

While Andrea has been an artist by trade for well over a decade, making wax wasn't planned. It did, however, become a fast obsession and an amazing outlet for her kind heart, creativity, and flare for the shine and sparkle in life. If you've ever had the chance to receive one of her beautifully decorated packages, you know what I mean!

Andrea is also a multiple sclerosis warrior! Independence and being an artist are important to her. Wax lets her achieve both! Over time, multiple sclerosis has altered her path, but art has always been her love. She has done everything from cake decorating to art studio management and art instruction.

One of the sayings you'll often hear Andrea say is "Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It is the way it is. How we handle it is what makes the difference". She was given this saying years ago while struggling with the loss of her child. The original quote comes from a Holocaust survivor and was lovingly said to her in her time of need. She wants everyone to feel loved, supported, and special when they come to Mountain Mama. That means never giving up on your planned or unplanned dreams, no matter what life throws at you.

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